Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DAN CLOUTIER PC - Once Upon A Time...Cloutier Was A King

Before I go to bed for the night I needed to get my hockey card blogging fix in. So here's a short little show off segment of a Dan Cloutier card I picked up a few months back.

This card is from the tail-end of Cloutiers NHL career. You knew it started to go down hill once he ditched his bucket mask. He decided to adopt the new modern look of the design cluttered NHL cages. It's weird seeing number 39 in black, purple and silver. But I'm almost certain that swatch of jersey came from a Canucks jersey. Unless, UD was quick enough to acquire a Cloutier GU jersey from his short time in LA. Who knows?

Like I said this card was acquired months back in that big lot of over 70 Cloutier cards that promised 3 hits (2 GU and 1 AUTO). 

Not much of a card compared to those crazy patch and GU equipment out there. But it's good enough for little old me!


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