Friday, July 20, 2012

Help Me Collect All the Dan Cloutier Cards from 11-12 Between the Pipes

WARNING: Blogging on vacation may cause typos and possibly falling asleep while typing in the sun. Please read with caution! Since I'm typing on my iPad everything will be in one big paragraph so to separate them ill use bold print.

While my vacation in California slowly dwindles to an end (I head back home Monday). I know I will not be completely dissapointed on arriving home. I've gone crazy taking some of my extra pocket money from working and put that towards a shopping spree on eBay. I have some awesome Dan Cloutier cards coming in as well as a contest card I won and a package from Panini themselves!

But since I don't have any scans nor any of my cards miles away from home, I decided to ask a question to you fine folks.

Can you guys please help me collect every single hockey card of Dan Cloutier in the newest edition of Between the Pipes? Pretty please?

I know that's a big favor to ask but with your help I hope to collect all 21 cards of Cloutier in this set. Needless to say, Dan doesn't have many new cards out each year so when a reasonable product comes out with my guys name in it, I want them all! Especially since even low serialed numbered cards are reasonably priced.

So far I've collected (well technically they are still in the mail) 2 out of the 22 cards in the set...

1. Autograph (Decades 2000's) #A-DC
2. GU Patch (Silver) #M-40

Obviously since they're still on their way to my house I haven't even touched these cards yet but once I do, I'll be sure to let you have a peek!

I drool just thinking about that patch card numbered to only /19 copies!

But of course there are still 20 other cards on my wantlist and here they are...

1. Base Card (Decades 2000's) #110
2. Base Card (La Belle Province) #173
3. Autograph (La Belle Province) #A-DC2 (sp)
4/5. GU Jersey (Silver/Gold) #M-40
6/7. Franchise (Silver/Gold) (Luongo/Brodeur/Cloutier) #F-17
8/9. Shooting Gallery (Silver/Gold) (Luongo/McLean/Potvin/Cloutier/Brodeur/Scneider) #SG-08 10/11. Shooting Gallery (Silver/Gold) (Vachon/Sawchuck/Hrudey/Cloutier/Quick/Bernier) #SG-12
12. GU Patch (Gold) #M-40
13. GU Jersey/Auto #GUJA-DC
14. GU Patch/Auto #GUPA-DC
15. GU Glove/Auto #GA-DC
16. GU Pad/Auto #PA-DC
17. GU Stick/Auto #SA-DC
18. Anniversary Jumbo Pad #AJP-07
19. Anniversary Jumbo Stick #AJS-04
20. Anniversary Jumbo Jersey and Stick #AJJS-25

Most cards above show Cloutier with Canucks gear on, but there are some LA cards in the mix as well. From my count there are four 1/1 cards which is a bit of an uphill battle but if I can even get my hands on one of them I'd be happy!

So without further adue if any of my fellow bloggers see any of these cards at their LCS or own them already please contact me and we can get a trade going.

On another note I went and saw "The Dark Knight Rises" midnight release and although that movie was freaking mind blowing I'm deeply saddened to here of that mentally deranged man that took the lives of 13 innocent people and counting not to mention 71 shot.

My prayers go out to all those that were affected in some way to that disgusting act by the man who is now calling himself "The Joker" - just pitiful.



  1. nice to see another Cloutier collector in the world.

    ive been collecting Cloutier for 11 years, have over 1500 cards. alot of doubles, but out of the 900 cards produced of cloutier i think im at around 92% completion. i also have a few real Game worn jerseys, and his GU blocker from his rangers days.

    i think im only down to 6 needed from this years BTP, i havent seen any of the 1/1's

    my names Chris, you can contact me at

    1. Hi Chris! I'll shoot you out an e-mail soon!