Monday, July 23, 2012

Hey I Won A Contest! Thanks Ross!

I'm baaaaack. After almost two weeks of vacation time I'm back in action. Even better was when I opened the door to my house I sank into yellow bubble mailers as well as a FedEx "missed you" letter. That means hockey cards, hockey cards and (you guessed it) more hockey cards.

I ripped them open in random order and my first bubble mailer happened to come from Ross over at Sports Card Info and it was of a contest I won about a month back (give or take).

The card included was this gem:

The card comes from this years insertion of Crown Royale from Panini. This GU insert set includes past legends of the game and thus was given the name "Mythology" for its ancient and priceless value to the game of hockey (so I'm guessing). 

The design of the card is reminiscent of Artifacts with the pillar straight down the middle of the card. The player is given a grayscale colour but the "game-worn material" is snow white.

Nonetheless, this is a very cool card to have. Cujo is truly a household name and I'm proud to own it! Thanks Ross!


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