Monday, November 19, 2012

DOUBLE PACK RIP: 2012-13 Certified

After hitting that sweet Taylor Hall/Adam Henrique Redemption from my first pack of Certified, I decided to try my luck two more times.

You know the expression "quit while you're ahead," well I guess you could say that about the next two packs. At the same time though, I'm not totally bummed with what I got; it's just that nothing is gonna beat that crazy dual AUTO.

On to pack numero uno:

Every pack contains five cards and this pack contained its standard four base cards. Like I said last time, I like the look of the cards. I'm not head over heels, but I think they're cool.

Nice! An autograph in my second pack! Looks like I'm two for two. All I can think of though is: I want a Canuck! So for the 11 bucks this pack cost me, I got me a no-namer. But hey, for me any signature (besides Mark Messier) is accepted with open arms in the good old collection. Don't know a whole lot about Cory, if their are any of his collectors out there, let me know! *cricket*

Alright, so now I already think I'm pushing my luck before even busting this third pack. But then again, it's a thick one... Decoy or GU card? Well I opened it up and saw the top of the thick card was white not the regular brownish colour most decoys are. Plus, it looked in good shape unlike the majority of decoys when you open the top of packs.

After brushing through these:

I got to the thick card and...





DECOY... Darn it.

But I did get this!

Numbered to /999 copies, this is a pretty cool insert. I really like the banner logo that says "Masked Marvels" and I actually like the fact it showed the goalie's mask as well as the top part of his jersey, I think it adds context to the card.

Overall not bad. More importantly, I'm not kicking myself over the money spent. Now if that first pack was all base, we might have had a different story...


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  1. Sorry to hear about the less fortunate packs here....there is the odd pack that is ALL BASE when it comes to certified so at least that didn't happen!