Sunday, November 4, 2012

OOPSIES - Contest #1 Answer!

The first edition of the ever continuing contest editions of "OOPSIES" was a success. I got a great response from long time readers as well as brand new followers! I love to interact and be up to date with who reads my blog, and this new segment will do just that.

So with that being said, let's see how you guys did this week! The card came out about 20 years ago but is still quite interesting...


On the back of the card, the picture is NOT of Benoit Hogue, but instead of Dean Kennedy

There you have it folks, now you can get your sleep at night. Let's see what YOU guessed.

I got 13 responses for this first contest and only three got the COMPLETE answer.

Yes, 1976ers, Brad Larocque and JS all get at least two points this week. Since 1976ers was the first to get it right out of the three, he gets three points; well done!

Six of you guessed that the picture on the back is wrong, but couldn't identify who. Some guesses were Rob Ray, Grant Ledyard and Donnelly. So for half a correct answer you all get 1 point.

The final four all didn't know the answer but put up some pretty creative guesses. Two of you guessed that Hogue's position is off, which is kind of true, but vague as many players could make the switch from Left Wing to Center. Another guess was that his team is wrong as Hogue did get traded to the Islanders shortly after this card was produced, but lest, that is not the answer. The most meticulous answer though was how Skroeker took the time to read Hogue's stats and assume that 54 goals in the QMJHL was a bit on the high side. However, he did score 54 goals for the St. John Beavers one season. A+ for effort though!

Here are the standings:

1. 1976ers - 3 points
2. Brad Larocque - 2 points
2. JS - 2 points
4. Jess - 1 point
4. Cap'n Canuck - 1 point
4. JGBlargh - 1 point
4. S├ębastian Hell - 1 point
4. Kazi - 1 point
4. Jason - 1 point
10. Dave - 0.5 points
10. Kevin Osimitz - 0.5 points
10. Matt Pederson - 0.5 points 
10. Skroeker - 0.5 points

Looks like it's still anybodies game! Keep on checking back for the upcoming "OOPSIES" contests. I'm still undecided whether to go five contests or ten, so if you have a preference let me know. 

P.S. - Next ones an easy one!


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