Friday, February 11, 2011


Last year I bought a brand new away Luongo jersey. Today I looked in my closet and I saw a terrible sight! A perfectly good jersey ruined! That's where you guys come in, I need help on how to do deal with this particular situation. I guess we have to start at the beginning so let's start at where I think the crime truly happened.

I went to a Canucks vs Chicago play-off game last season. That Canucks lost, and like truly pissed off Canadians everybody started chucking their beer on the ice (can't say I'm too proud of Canuck nation for doing that). I thought it was a pretty disrespectful thing to do; I believe all hockey fans have a right to be mad but at the end of the day we have to hold on to our balls and not go crazy. Anyways, after that I didn't think much of it.

My cousin was at the game, and me and my dad met up with him after the game. He asked if I would like to get my jersey signed by Luongo. I was ecstatic and I kindly handed him my jersey. I got it the next day and I had a beauty Lui sig on it! Check it...

Nice! But I'm very particular about preserving my signatures, so I "displayed" it in my closet and never wore it again after that date. I would glance at my jersey once and a while but never take it out for a spin. I decided enough was enough today, and planned on taking it out for the game Saturday. The first thing I saw was the shoulder and I noticed some brown splot on it. I quickly turned it around and found the horror of seeing the entire jersey covered by brown splotches! :0....Take a look at my nightmare:

The scan doesn't make it look that bad, but it is ALL over the back! So this is where the whole foreshadowing part of my story comes in. I think the splotches are caused by the beer throwing from everybody behind me, and the specks of beer that flew on my back caused these stains. 

My question is what do I do? How do I wash this stinking thing so that I get the stains out and NOT the signature? It sucks that a beautiful signature and a great story can be ruined by fans stupidity. Whatever the case, HELP WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED!



  1. Tide to go works well on many stains..... Could that help?

  2. first of all, it's a sweater, not a jersey. Sorry, but that's a pet peeve of mine.

    second, there are ways to get stains out of the sweater without washing the whole thing. Spot treatments will probably work the best, but you'll have to find one that does not require washing the entire garment afterwards. When applying the spot treatments, seperate the two layers of the sweater. ie use an ironing board or something to act as a buffer so nothing soaks through to the front.

    good luck.

  3. Haha no problem I have pet peeves like that too

    Thanks hope it works! It would be pretty crappy if I had to ruin the entire SWEATER (lol)

  4. What about the Arm & Hammer Magic Eraser? I've tried that on other clothes and it's worked. I would do like the Capt. said and try a spot inconspicuous first to test it.