Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This is the second to last signed old-timers I have from this "set". I'm really excited about this signature, as I think the autograph is really well done. Let's get to it...

GP 1188 / P 1409
Michael's Rating: 8.5

Dale Hawerchuck doesn't need an introduction, we all know who he is and his stats above say a lot. Let's see why I like his signature A LOT. To me, this is a solid signature that young hockey players should look to as a model. First, you don't HAVE to spell your entire name! Dale signed his card D. Hawerchuck. Nothing wrong with that. The key to his autograph is that his capital letters aren't KIND OF the shape of a letter, they ARE the letters D.H. Second, he doesn't show every single letter in his last name. He showed the "h" and "k" as lines coming out of his last name. As long as the prominent letters are showed nicely, the point comes across. Lastly, the number. I love it when signatures include their numbers! Even if you have a lousy sig, the number can make up for it (depending on how sucky your signature is). Finally, the underline. It may seem subtle but when a signature is straight, and has some sort of underline to it, it gives it structure and class. I'm not saying this is the only way an autograph should be done, but this looks darn good. Take for example Perreault's signature...unorthodox but kinda has an old fashion/classy feel to it...

Even though it looks a bit messy, the sig still has character and form to it. So I ask you, what is your favorite sig? What makes a good signature in your mind? Remember, there is one last signature left. Here's  hint to who it is: It's the man that started the segment. Hopefully, if you read my blog regularly you know who I am talking about.


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