Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Well before I start to showcase all the new cards I acquired I have to throw a huge thank you to Casey over at Drop the Gloves (fightstrap.com) for an awesome contest and even better prizes! I was not expecting the other great cards that came along with the 3 big ones! You'll see what I mean. Let's get it started with a couple cards that I really like from this years OPC release. 

I've seen these cards popping up everywhere...I'm not exaggerating. My original thought was "Ya they're nice looking cards but nothing amazing." But now that I own the Sedin cards from the set and have seen these cards in person, I like them...I like them a lot!

I also got 6 fantastic defenseman Canucks rookie cards! Bieksa's face looks super mean, especially compared to Edler's elementary school picture on the left. These are some really cool cards to have! Trust me, I appreciate Canucks rookie cards just as much as a signed card.

SE-WEEEET! Four more Canuck forward rookie cards! I haven't collected a whole lot of Samuelsson cards, so his rookie is really helpful to get me going! Plus, I got a couple Desbiens rookies, one of which is a Gold Rookie! I'm gonna say it again, SE-WEEEET!

Hmmmm...maybe I threw the SE-WEEET a little too early because these are 3 top notch rookie cards. Gaborik, Spezza, and of course Nazzy! Like I said; top notch! 

Are you ready for it? Are you ready for the big 3? Without further a due...

Michael's Rating: 8.5

Nice! He also signed right onto the card! A player who went to the Stanley Cup finals three years in a row and finally won a cup with the Hawks! Very happy with the first sig...

Michael's Rating: 8

Paul Kariya, decent! Only thing I can say about this card is why didn't someone tell Pauly that he has to sign inside the sticker. Don't you learn to colour in between the lines in elementary school? It's okay I'll still take this card any day! Drrrrrrummmmroll please...my favorite signature of the bunch is...

Michael's Rating: 9

SE-WEEEEEEEEET! Yes! Last years Art Ross Winner, and the captain of my Vancouver Canucks. Shall I say more? I'm very happy to have this card, and it was very generous of Casey to send it my way!

Thanks Casey! And to anybody out there that hasn't already, check out his blog at fightstrap.com!


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