Wednesday, May 25, 2011

PACK RIP: 2010-11 SpX

As mentioned before I have a single pack of the newest version of SpX to rip. SpX and I have a love hate relationship, I love the look of the cards but hate the price and what so far it has given to me. Ever since a few years ago when packs were 10 bucks a pop, SpX has left a sour taste in my mouth. Me and my buddies went down to our LCS strictly to open 2 packs each of SpX. Naturally, I pulled all base with my 2 packs and 20 bucks. My friends both got hits. One got a GU auto, the other a GU card. Of course, they were ecstatic. Of course, I was not. Ever since then my packs have been less than successful but for some reason I keep on coming back.

My most recent trip to the LCS brought me simply for supplies. I had to hold myself back from buying anything. I needed top loaders and those 4 rowed boxes for base cards. Unfortunately, they only had the 2 rowed boxes. As a gratuity, the lady gave me a free pack of SpX. When she said that, I was shocked. "A nine dollar pack?" I thought. I quickly figured out that the pack she offered me was the last of the hobby box and that she probably knew nothing spectacular was within it. This left me in a difficult situation, do I take the cards knowing I will probably pull nothing and thus leave a worst taste of the SpX product in my mouth? Or do I kindly say "that's okay, I wouldn't want to take cards for free" and pass the opportunity? I quickly came back to my senses and thought "why are you even considering this, it's a free pack man, take it!" I thankfully took the pack with a smile and opened it at home.

First I pulled 3 base cards. Since I figured I wasn't gonna pull any GU AUTO RC I thought I might pull a Canuck - nope. Besides that, the cards are so cool. I don't know what it is about SpX and why I like it so much. It just looks so modern and sleek and I really like the subtle gold foil in the team logo and SpX logo as well as the name. 

Foil really brings out the dust in my scanner. But hey! This isn't too bad! I was pleasantly surprised to see a SpX Finite RC. When I originally saw the Carolina jersey I was hoping it was Jeff Skinner, but instead I got Zac Dalpe. Dalpe has played 15 games for the Hurricanes this season and has recorded 4 points. This season in the AHL with the Charlotte Checkers Zac played 61 and games and recorded 57 points. 

The Zac Dalpe SpX Finite rookie is numbered to /499 because it's a Level 1 rookie. You can find SpX Finite RC's 1 in every 38 packs on average (1:38). The mist coming up from the bottom reminds me a lot of the SP Authentic cards. I like the simple design of SP authentic cards. Simple is a nice break from all the out of the box designs that are around today.



  1. Not too bad for just one pack.

  2. Nice hit, right now he is considered to be the Hurricanes best prospect (no including Skinner).

  3. I just Bought 2 packs for fun 1st pack I got a 2 Jerseys Winning Materials Daniel Carcillo & the 2nd pack I got the cards you want Finite Rookie Jeff Skinner :D

  4. @Anonymous

    See! I just have the worst luck when it comes to SpX

    That's awesome for you though!