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Here we are. May 30th, 2011. A mere 48 hours exactly before game 1 for Lord Stanley. Unless you've been in Thailand or Madagascar living under a rock with no 4G access on your phone lately, you know the two last teams are: the Boston Bruins and the Vancouver Canucks. Yes, my Vancouver Canucks. Yes, it's been seventeen years since our last run to the Stanley Cup finals. 1994 was one year before I was born and the likes of Bure, Linden, McLean, Courtnall, Adams etc. are memories only the internet and television can create in my mind. I finally am able to live the dream. Well, almost...we still have 4 wins left.

Before I get to what I like to call "the numbers" I'll break down last rounds correct guesses and see how good or bad I've been thus far.

Vancouver v San Jose
Prediction: Nucks in 7
Real Life: Nucks in 5
1 for 1

Tampa Bay v Boston
Prediction: Tampa in 7
Real Life: Boston in 7
1 for 2

Round 1, 2 and 3 totals: 9 for 14 (64%)

Okay so not too bad. I had a really good first round going 7 for 8. A terrible second round going 1 for 4. And finally a split round going 1 for 2. One great thing I can take out of my predictions is that I've predicted the Canucks to win all three series and they have. 

So who do you think I'll pick to win sport's ultimate prize? 

Vancouver v Boston
Prediction: Vancouver in 7

At the beginning of the season EA Sports predicted Vancouver to win the Stanley Cup in 7 games against the Boston Bruins. They have been correct 12 out of 13 times. They did the same simulation again today with all new injuries, trades etc. Guess what? Vancouver in 7 to win the cup. It's a sign!

Okay, so now comes "the numbers" part of the post. I basically took this article, put this into my words and slapped a GO NUCKS GO! at the bottom and called it mine. Kinda like what I do at school.

0 - Stanley Cups for Vancouver in their 40 year history
1 - Goal allowed in 3 starts against Vancouver for Timmy Thomas
5 -  Consecutive Stanley Cup Final losses for the Bruins
7 - Consecutive game 1 wins for the Canucks 
11-10-3 - Luongo's record against Boston in 24 starts
14 - Points between their points in the regular season. Vancouver (117) and Boston (104)
19 - Years since a team has won the cup after going 7 games in the first round. This streak will be broken no matter who wins
39 - Years since Boston has won the cup
182 - Play-off games for Recchi
148, 633 - Hours since June 14th, 1994 to the puck drop 5 o'clock June 1st. The Canucks lost in game 7 against the New York Rangers 8, 917, 980 minutes ago. 

There it is. Probably the biggest news for the Canucks leading up to puck drop is that Manny Malhotra has gotten the green light to play in game 1 with a full visor on. 

Without further ado...


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