Friday, May 13, 2011


I've been commenting and entering contests about the outcomes of the Eastern and Western Conference finals everywhere but if you haven't seen what I think will happen, now's your chance. First though, let's see how I did with my Round 2 predictions.

Vancouver v Nashville
Prediction: Nucks in 5
Real Life: Nucks in 6
1 for 1

San Jose v Red Wings
Prediction: Wings in 7
Real Life: San Jose in 7
1 for 2

Washington v Tampa Bay
Prediction: Caps in 6
Real Life: Bolts in 4
1 for 3

Philly v Boston
Prediction: Philly in 7
Real Life: Bruins in 4
1 for 4

Round 1 and 2 totals: 8 for 12 (67%)

After going a pretty crazy 7 for 8 in the first round, I dropped the ball in the second. The only series I got correct was the Canucks series (which is the series that counts for me, so I can't be mad). Now on to my Conference final predictions.

Vancouver v San Jose
Prediction: Nucks in 7

Boston v Tampa Bay
Prediction: Tampa in 7

Hopefully I can go 2 for 2 this round and if not at least get the Canucks into the finals. I'm seriously concerned for my Canucks against the Sharks. San Jose seems to blow when it comes to play-off time but, if Joe and Marleau show up like they did in game 7, the Canucks will have a problem on their hands. Although, you could say the same thing if the Sedins showed up so it goes both ways.


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