Thursday, May 19, 2011


A couple of random thoughts to appease the appetite for those that read my blog. First, my Canucks are on quite the tear at the moment. They were able to chase the Sharks out of Vancouver convincingly Wednesday night winning 7-3. Thanks Ben Eager, you always provide inspiration to kick your ass no matter where you are. I find it sad how he decides to stand over our goalie and bad mouth Lu when he scored the Sharks third goal to make it 7-3. Just don't get it, your down 4 goals, why you gotta do that? I think the Canucks biggest problem in game 3 will be over confidence. Sharks are going to come out hard on home ice and we need to shut down the crowd and more importantly the game. Best wishes to the Canucks tomorrow.

Secondly, after over 3 weeks of waiting I FINALLY got my 2010-11 Between the Pipes box in from eBay. The first box they sent me got lost so they shipped this one out to me. I'm VERY happy I got this box anyways. I don't wanna give too much away but I ended up with 5 hits. I can say one of those is a Canuck! For the full details, I will break down the box tomorrow. Sooooo...stay tuned tomorrow afternoon for that!