Sunday, October 9, 2011

2011-12 Collecting Goals

Somewhat at the beginning of last season I created a post called FINALLY ORGANIZED!! + New Collecting Goals. This was an opportunity to sit back and take a broader look at the strong points and weaknesses of my collection. From there on I set three goals, in this post I'm going to discuss how I faired in those three areas. Also, I will reassess my new collecting goals.

First though let's take a look at how my collection grew since March 13th (ok so it wasn't at the beginning of last season, my bad).

CANUCKS CARDS: 2,490 (+ 154 Cards)
CANUCKS ROOKIES: 420 (+ 8 Cards)

AUTOGRAPHS: 36 (13 Canucks) (+ 17 (8 Canucks))
GU/JERSEY CARDS: 10 (5 Canucks) (+ 8 (4 Canucks))

TOTAL CARDS: 10, 059 (+ 1,034 Cards)
VALUE: $3, 448.66 (+ $578.10)
CARD NOT YET VALUED (NYV): 1,104 (+ 269 Cards)

So in just 7 months my collection has definitely grown healthily. I've added over a thousand cards including over 150 Canucks, and I've almost doubled the number of autographs I own and have collected five times the number of GU/Jersey cards I had in March.

What about my 3 goals I set out for in March?

Former Goal #1: Continue to build Canucks collection.
Achievements/Failures: I believe I've done very well in this aspect of my collecting. I've added just over 150 Canucks cards and some very cool quality Canucks card in addition! That includes 8 more Canucks autographs and 4 more GU cards.

Former Goal #2: Start a serious player collection.
Achievements/Failures: I definitely have made absolutely no progress in this area. But I'm happy to announce that I have now officially started my first real player collection - Cody Hodgson! Yup, I may have tons of Luongo/Cloutier/Brodeur cards that could be used for an awesome player collection, but I decided to start fresh. I only have 1 Hodgson card currently so this is a great opportunity considering this is his rookie year! So if you have ANY Hodgson cards, I'm willing to trade for them!!

Former Goal #3: Gain more GU/Jersey cards.
Achievements/Failures: I believe that this was the goal I worked the hardest on, and I have really done well in this aspect. Like mentioned before I started with 2 GU cards in March and have worked my way up to 10!


1. Finish my Goalie Project by this time next year.
2. Bulk up my Cody Hodgson collection to 25.
3. Build my GU collection to 17.
4. Make more trades.

This year should be exciting, and I hope to really have a great collecting year as I will have a consistent card budget (which is not very big, but will do just fine) as I now have a consistent job during the school year. I'm looking to do a lot more box breaks this year so I might test some videos out!

Thanks for reading today guys and as always I update my card growth under the label ***MIKES RATINGS***, this post will also go under that label as well.

So two things to end off with. First, drop a comment if you have any Cody Hodgson cards your willing to trade away. Second, what are your collecting goals, was this a good collecting year for you?



  1. Holy cow...someone with goals who actually achieved something! Congrats.

    My goals are to get my Texas Rangers collection completely organized and I'm well on my way.

  2. I think my next project will be to complete the '73-74 OPC master set. Those cards were all issued on two different types of stock and my current set is a mix of the two.

    Also - I have a significantly better Charlie Hodge for you (paper loss like that makes me itch) as well as a couple surprises, but can't see an email address on this site.

  3. Hey e-mail is johnny(underscore)canuck57(at)yahoo(dot)com

    Thanks a lot! And that seems like a pretty heavy goal, best of luck!

  4. Email sent. I'm about 200 cards away, I think. Roughly 100 of each back. It may take more than a year, but it's something I've wanted to tackle for a while and I've kind of missed 70s hockey.