Monday, October 17, 2011

TOP 60 CARDS (Part 5) #40-36

Today I'm gonna put up a quick Top 60 post. You know how it goes, 5 cards as we continually inch our way closer to the top 10.

#40 - 2010-11 Score P.K Subban "Hot Rookies"

Like I said in Part 4 of my Top 60, this year was the first collecting year where I wasn't just focused on my Canucks RC's, but also the current "Hot Rookies" of ALL NHL teams. One of my favourite rookies from last season was definitely Subban. He's a great player but what I like to see the most out of P.K is his heart and his love for the game. He looks like he's having fun on and off the ice.

#39 - 2010-11 Score Alex Ovechkin "Snow Globe" (Die-Cut)

How can you tell I liked last years Score product? You can't get much more out of a card. Ovechkin? Check. Insert? Check. Die Cut? Check. Original? Check. Enough said about this one!

#38 - 2009-10 Ultimate Collection Henrik Zetterberg (/399)

This card was picked up a few years back in New York. Yup, that's what I said. Every few years we leave our igloos here in Canada, say bye to all the talking beavers and moose up here in the great white north and make or way east to NYC to see our family. When visiting a flea market I found a trading card area and was able to spy out the hockey cards. One table offered about a thousand or so cards for 10 cents a piece - I bought about 40 cards. One of them was this gem you see above, just ten cents and I have one of the only 399 copies made.

#37 - 1996-97 Metal Universe Alex Mogilny

This is my only card from Metal Universe and of course it's of a Canuck (a pretty good one at that). I think this card speaks for itself. I feel like Spider-Man should make an appearance on this card. Definitely not your typical hockey card.

#36 - 1994-95 Pinnacle Dan Cloutier "World Juniors" (RC)

This card is the definition of what I looked for as a kid while collecting. Dan Cloutier was a childhood favourite and his RC is right up my alley.  

36. 1994-95 Pinnacle "World Juniors" Dan Cloutier
37. 1996-97 Metal Universe Alex Mogilny
38. 2009-10 Ultimate Collection Henrik Zetterberg /499
39. 2010-11 Score "Snow Globe" Alex Ovechkin
40. 2010-11 Score "Hot Rookies" P.K Subban
41. 2010-11 Score "Hot Rookies" Nazem Kadri 
42. 1992-93 UD "Bloodlines" Trevor & Jamie Linden
43. 1992-93 UD "Profiles" Doug Gilmoure
44. 1991-92 UD John Tanner
45. 2003-04 Pacific McDonalds "Saturday NIght Rivals" Lalime / Belfour
46. 2002-03 Pacific McDonalds "Net-Fusions" Dominik Hasek
47. 2003-04 Canucks Fin Postcard (SIGNED)
48. 1992-93 "Profiles" Darius Kasperaitis
49. 1992-93 "Profiles" Alexei Kovalev
50. 1993-94 UD Kirk Muller
51. 2006-07 BAP RC AUTO Patrick O'Sullivan /10
52. 1990-91 Score Jan Erixon
53. 2007-08 UD McDonalds "In the Crease" Ryan Miller
54. 1994-95 Pinnacle Sylvain Turgeon (ft. Patrick Kane)
55. 2002-03 Pacific McDonalds "Net-Fusions" Evgeni Nabokov
56. 1994-95 Pinnacle Doug Lidster
57. 1990-91 Score / 1995-96 Topps - Oilers / Devils Stanley Cup
58. 1992-93 UD Jim Hrivnak
59. 1990-91 Topps Grant Fuhr
60. 1990-91 Bowman Daren Puppa


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  1. Interesting choices! The only one of those five that I own is the Subban, but they are all cool cards. Looking forward to reading the rest of your countdown.