Sunday, February 19, 2012

CARDBOARD CAPTIONS - Double Take Head Scratcher

It's been quite some time since I've showcased a card that just doesn't seem right. Today that will change with the card I'm about to show you. It's from a fairly commonly known set: 2001-02 ITG BAP Memorabilia. This is from the times when ITG had the rights to use NHL logos etc. on their cards. But it seems as if they had a hard time getting more than one headshot of the same player. Take a look at what I'm talking about.

Okay so far, so good. B-MO in a regular type skating shot in a Canucks jersey. What's weird about this card Michael? Well look at the back...

What? That's not Brendan Morrison??! Am I missing something here?? That is a random dude with a Canucks jersey, not the centre from the former West Coast Express line! 

Am I missing something guys? Was this some sort of weird way ITG was promoting BAP by putting random guys on the back of cards that wanted to "Be A Player"? 

Well this card has always confused me in a huge way, so I decided to look at some other cards from this product to see if they did the same thing. NOPE! They all have the same person on the front and back.

Call me crazy but I think something went really wrong with this one!


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