Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WHAT DOES 25 BUCKS GETCHA? (Card 3 - Part 2) Quadruple Sedins?

I'm going to let the card do most of the talking on this one. You know how it works, 25 dollar limit on eBay and this is card number 3. Like I said this is a "Quadruple" card and I don't mean four cards, I mean four jersey swatches.

I snagged this card at a surprising $0.99 plus shipping and when you see the quality of the card, the product and the low numbering I think this was sorta highway robbery.

Every time I look at this card I think "Wow, two art ross winners on one card and it only sells for a buck?" Anyways I'm really happy to steal this card away and the buyer was probably one of the most professional I've ever encountered. Along with a well written note he stuck in this as extra:

Yes it's a 10 cent card but, it's the thought that counts! What do you guys think of the card? Any great deals you've been able to scoop up lately?

Additionally, I'll be away for the next week or so, so don't expect much in terms of blogging in the next 5-7 days. See you soon!

2011-12 Black Diamond Richard Brodeur "Dual Jersey" - $0.99 (+ 2.50 shipping)
2011-12 Certified Yann Sauve "Freshman Signatures" - $1.24 (+ 2.48 shipping)
2010-11 Ultimate Hockey Sedins "Ultimate Duos" /50 - $0.99 (+3.49 shipping)
+ $13.31



  1. Great card to score for a buck!

  2. Best dollar pick-up I've seen in years!

    1. I was honestly surprised I got it for that price it was just a started bid and it happened to just luck out

  3. Sometimes cards get un-noticed! You clearly found a steal, that card could easily end up going for 10 bucks with shipping during another auction...