Friday, February 24, 2012

Trade #5 - A Tribute to a Lost Canuck

While watching the Canucks vs Devils game I'm going to blog about a trade I received from a fellow Devils fan blogger - Dave. After just completing a trade a couple weeks ago we decided to make our fourth trade in history. This one included a card I pulled from my box break of Parkhurst Champions.

2011-12 Parkhurst Champions Rick MacLeish AUTO
Plus Extras

1976-77 OPC Rick Blight RC
1983-84 OPC Patrick Sundstrom RC
1997-98 BAP Pavol Demitra AUTO
2005-06 UD Series 2 Ruslan Fedotenko "Game Jersey"

It seems we've gotten better and better at picking what the other would enjoy to have in their collection and I'm happy building a trading history with Dave as it is always fun and we both benefit.

So let's look at what I have to add to my repertoire:

We start out with a couple of retro RC's from my Vancouver Canucks. It's always nice to add rookies and older cards I wouldn't particularly chase but still think are cool. I think I have that exact same JOFA helmet Sundstrom is wearing in that picture. 

I'm hopelessly addicted to jersey cards or any type of GU memorabilia when it comes to hockey cards so this is a nice addition to the GU tin. Ruslan is a former Stanley Cup winner and it's a nice coloured swatch and not a generic white.

Finally the card I was most anticipating from this trade was this AUTO card of Pavol Demitra. As many of you know (if not all), Demitra tragically passed away in a plane crash along with the rest of his teammates from Lokomotiv Yaroslavl. This card is special to me as he was a Canuck at one point in his career and it's nice to have a piece of his history in my collection.

Overall, this was an easy and smooth trade and yet another perfect example of how kind and generous this hockey blogging world is. Thanks Dave! I'm sure we'll have another not too far down the road!



  1. Hey from a Sabres fan to a Canuck fan, I need some info on Hodgson. I know the name but not too much about how he plays. If u guys can get Kass to show more of his physical side, he'll be a great asset to your team. He can score and drop the gloves too, big kid

    1. Hey Marko, I'm going to do a lengthy post later tonight about Hodgson and the Canucks trades so stay tuned for that. As for right now, I'm just so rattled and don't know how to process that my favourite player is out of this organization. He is a SMART player but not overly physical. He has great hands and has shown his wicked shot numerous times this year (even though he is more of a playmaker). I'm not sure if you remember watching him in the WJ's but he was the passer and Tavares was the shooter. He is also a leader and so if Buffalo keeps him, I'm sure he'll end up wearing a letter on the front of his jersey. Overall he is way more NHL ready than Kass IMO (just look at his stats) and you guys just stole away from us a Calder candidate ;) excited!! Treat CoHo well cuz he's a hell of a player. I'm looking forward to this Saturdays game!

    2. Yeah our main need was a center, even before we traded gaustad, and I think we got a good one! Look forward to your post tonight, I'll make sure to check it out