Friday, February 17, 2012

WHAT DOES 25 BUCKS GETCHA? (Card 3 - Part 3) A Post From a Foreign Land

Well I'm on the road with the family right now because my sister has a cheer competition in the states. So we dropped down south to the U.S of A and as of about 40 minutes ago things were going great. We were downtown Seattle staying in our regular hotel when we stay in one of my fav US cities - the Sheraton. But now we find ourselves in Tacoma in an uncomfortable, dirty motel...ya know the classic riches to rags story. But as long as my sis is with her team it makes her happy, which makes me happy so I'll suck it up. I'm no baby when it comes to this stuff but there is a line.

Anyways this is (I believe) my first post from a foreign land. I've been doing my best to stay up to date with my daily reading of all my fav blogs, but if some of my comments have been repeating or misspelled blame it on my iPhone's keypad.

The one upside to this motel is that there is free wi-fi (no heating but don't worry free wi-fi). Since I have one extra card scanned from home I thought it might be appropriate to relax, kick back and blog. After all, I kinda miss you guys (awwwww).

So with no further introduction here is the most expensive purchases out of the bunch I made with my 25 dollar pre-paid card:

This is a really nice piece to add to my CoHo collection! After scouring over what Hodgson card to purchase on eBay I landed this OPC Retro RC. Most of his RC's were around the 10 dollar mark but this one was my favourite, even the Young Guns were not appealing to me. This card also taught me his birthday is tomorrow, which makes him exactly 5 years and 6 days older than me. Now that I think about it, that's not much older.

In other Cody Hodgson news, what a season he is having! With the injury to RNH, Cody is a legitimate contender for the Calder! He has 32 points (4th among rookies and 6 points off of 1st) playing on the third line. Imagine what he could do in RNH spot in Edmonton! I hope he keeps his stats up and his smart play consistent, after all I believe he is the Linden of my generation (fingers crossed)!

Before I forget I paid $4.99 as the BIN price. Plus about 3 bucks in shipping. Not too bad considering these are going for $25 at my LCS. 

With this Cody Hodgson card my remaining balance is:

2011-12 Black Diamond Richard Brodeur "Dual Jersey" - $0.99 (+ 2.50 shipping)
2011-12 Certified Yann Sauve "Freshman Signatures" - $1.24 (+ 2.48 shipping)
2010-11 Ultimate Hockey Sedins "Ultimate Duos" /50 - $0.99 (+3.49 shipping)
2011-12 OPC Retro Cody Hodgson RC - $4.99 (+3.05 shipping)
+ $5.27


Cards: 4
Base: 1
Rookies: 3

C4KHODGSON has been updated (although it is still kinda under construction).


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  1. Message me about the Hidgson Certified card, I thought you'd like it.