Wednesday, March 7, 2012

GAME DAY - March 3rd, 2012 - Canucks vs. Buffalo

This post is a little bit late as it is four days after the game but I still have a few stories and a little bit of a background about this game. But first, let's take a look at the ticket stub and the program (two things I've been collecting for years).

Same seats, but a very different game. Obviously the biggest story going around town was Cody Hodgson vs Zack Kassian. If you caught the highlights or watched the game in it's entirety you will know that Kassian was the big winner on this night. He got a big assist and an even bigger goal and put the Canucks in the game for a short period of time.  

The Canucks didn't really ever have the odds in their favour the entire game. In fact just 55 seconds in Luongo let a weak goal in (five hole) followed by 2 more goals in under 5 minutes. So right of the bat the Canucks Luongo dug a hole that ended up growing and became nearly impossible to overcome. 

Like I said though Kassian did provide a glimmer of hope. In fact it was 4-2 and big Zack scored to bring the Canucks within a goal with only 3 minutes left. But the Canucks had bad timing when pulling the goalie and the Sabres locked up a win with an empty netter.

Overall it was another fun game with my dad. Although the Canucks didn't get the outcome the city wanted it was still a fantastic game to watch. It was definitely a roller coaster ride of emotions and the fans lived and died by the score.

Stay tuned for another post later on tonight. I got a really cool card in the mail today that I have to share before I leave on vacation tomorrow!


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