Friday, March 9, 2012

What A Custom! Thanks Brett!

Anyone who reads my blog I'm sure has been reading MY HOCKEY CARD OBSESSION for some time before. Brett (the author) continues to put up some outstanding articles and thought provoking issues surrounding hockey cards and hockey in general.

Recently, Brett has been making some AMAZING progress with his custom card designs. I mean it when I say it is some beautiful work. He just made a Gordie Howe AUTO card that blew my mind, I don't know how a card company hasn't snatched this guy up yet.

About a couple of months ago I asked if he accepted requests, the AUTO I handed him was this:

It's of Daniel Sedin and it's on the back of a business card. I'm always a fan of IP AUTO's but there's something about a card design that makes an AUTO that much more special. 

Brett accepted this challenge and was super accommodating with what I was looking for in the card. I gave my two cents but I really wanted him to have his own creative expression because I knew what he was capable of and let me say, he didn't disappoint! 

A scan wasn't doing the card justice so this photo is the closest thing to seeing it in person. What a good job eh?! It's hard to see but the "V" background has a jersey feel to it and this card just screams Vancouver Canucks. I was very happy Brett was able to include the "To Michael; from:" in the AUTO as I'm a big fan of personalized autographs. 

But the goodness doesn't stop here...

My first reaction to the back of the card was "Holy crap, Brett did this??" Yup he did, and what a great job! Classy, well coloured, nice texture, and as always a well written paragraph. This honestly looks like a professionally made card and I could't be more happy with it!

Nothing else to say but THANK YOU BRETT! 

As a side note, I'm blogging to you from the beautiful state of Hawaii. ALOHA!


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  1. Hey Michael,

    I'm thrilled that you like it. It was a great challenge and I learned a lot from the process.

    I was really happy with the way things turned out. The card back goes down as one of my faves.

    Thanks again.