Thursday, March 1, 2012

TOP 60 CARDS - The Final 10

After a VERY long run, the top 60 cards series ends here. But we're finishing strong. I have stories and background behind all these cards coming up. Some I've had ever since I remember collecting and some have been added within the year. Let's get to it!

#10 - 1971-72 OPC Rosaire Paiement (#233)

This is a prime example of how a card can mean nothing to somebody and at the same time it can mean the world to someone else. To most non-Canucks fans and general collectors this card could even be seen as a expendable card in their collection, not for me! This card was like getting a piece of history. I received this card when my collection was relatively small and definitely didn't have anything past the 1989-90 season. To receive a card from the 70's was a HUGE deal! Especially when the Canucks were in their "throwback" uniforms.

This card was one man's trash and now it is my treasure.

#9 - 1983-84 OPC John Garrett (#349)

I think it's fairly obvious why this card fits into my top 10. My first impression of this card is "What an ugly yet beautiful jersey and mask". Again, to most this combo is one of the most horrendous combo's they've seen. But not to me. To me this is the heart of my team; and that's a classic!

However this card also carries a story behind it. As you may or may not know, MY HOCKEY CARD OBSESSION was the reason I got back into "hardcore" collecting again (for lack of a better word). His blog is was the inspiration for mine, and it has really become something I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to. It helps me organize myself, share my thoughts and most importantly learn new things about the sport and hobby I love everyday! Anyways, when I was starting up he sent me a massive collection of Canucks goalie cards to help me with my Goalie Project and that was my first taste of the generosity of the blogging world. 

Also to all the others that have helped me out, I would also like to quickly thank you all (you know who you are)!

#8 - 1991-92 UD Niklas Lidstrom "Young Guns"

This is a card I found in my uncles old collection that I swore I would never let go of, and I haven't. But in the past I kept it because I thought it would be worth a lot of money (the innocence of youth). Now I still cherish it but, it's because of it's historic value and because it looks kick ass! Everything about this card is cool and that is the only reason I have to put it this high in my top 10. But it's my top 10 and I can do what I want :). 

#7 - 1981-82 OPC Edmonton Oiler TL (#126)

The oldest Gretzky I have is actually not a Gretzky card at all. But when you score 164 points I'm pretty sure you can say this is your card. I've never HATED the Oilers even when they were good and competitive rivals of the Canucks (although I have disliked them at times). So this card gets a well deserved "numero sept" in my top 10.

#6/#5 - 2006-07 BAP Luc Bourdon (#203) [+ AUTO /10]

This card has been mentioned numerous time here at C4K. If you want the full summary you can click HERE. But the real beauty out of the two, is one I just recently acquired and was luckily able to sneak into my top 10.

This card will NEVER lose it's value to me. I can't even put to words how much this card means to me. To have this truly rare piece of history of this young mans life is incredible and I still mourn his death to this day. 

#4 - 2007-08 UD Masterpiece Richard Brodeur (Event-Used - Brown)

No doubt one of my all-time favourite sets and one of my all time favourite Canucks. Everything about this card is right. The colour scheme, the foil accents, the artists rendition picture, the fade into the background and the texture is perfect! This is certainly a card that I truly appreciate and feel that it was well thought out. 

#3 - 2008-09 OPC Luongo/Ohlund/Edler "Triple Materials"

This card was given to me awhile back and was a huge surprise and obviously remains one of my favourites! If you haven't already passed by SHOEBOX LEGENDS (which I'm sure you have) do so now! I always love passing by and reading some really nice write-ups on some jaw-dropping cards. 

Anyways back to the card, as you can see all three swatches seem to come from different parts of the jersey. Luongo's come from a dark blue/black part of maybe a 2006-07 Canucks jersey? Ohlund's is thinner and probably comes from a "breathable" part of a jersey. Whereas Edler's is thicker and more...pillow-like...most likely it came from somewhere near the logo where the material is a little comfier. Am I the only person that wonders what part of the jersey the swatches come from?

#2 - 2006-07 BTP Emile "Cat" Francis "Autographs"

First are a big deal to me in collecting. Like anything in life, it's exciting to accomplish something for the first time. This was/is my first graded hockey card. I was extremely excited to get this card for the price I did and was even happier when I saw this AUTO in person. This thing is a beauty! I love when players take their time when signing and really do it carefully. This HOF (builder) did just that. Plus he played for the Canucks! Go HERE for more info on Emile, it gives me chills thinking he played in the 40's and 50's and I have his autograph!

#1 - 2010-11 BTP Kirk McLean "Autographs"

Finally the number one card in my collection comes from a goalie that lead the Canucks to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1994! Kirk McLean otherwise know as Captain Kirk was quite a thrilling pull last year in my box break of Between the Pipes! Technically I was suppose to get 2 AUTO's and 2 GU, but McLean was thrown in as an extra goodie and boy oh boy am I ever happy that happened. 

Memorable break, memorable AUTO, memorable player. This is my favourite card I own!

1. 2010-11 BTP Kirk McLean "Autographs"
2. 2006-07 BTP Emile "Cat" Francis "Autographs"
3. 2008-09 OPC Luongo/Ohlund/Edler "Triple Materials" 
4. 2007-08 UD Masterpiece Richard Brodeur "Event Used-Brown"
5. 2006-07 BAP Luc Bourdon RC AUTO /10
6. 2006-07 BAP Luc Bourdon RC
7. 1981-82 OPC Edmonton Oilers TL
8. 1991-92 UD Niklas Lidstrom "Young Guns"
9. 1983-84 OPC John Garrett
10. 1971-72 OPC Rosaire Paiement
11. 2010-11 Jumbo Dave Babych AUTO
12. Oldtimers Card Richard Brodeur AUTO
13. 2003-04 Jumbo Dan Cloutier AUTO
14. 1999-00 SP Authentic Roberto Luongo RC
15. 2003-04 UD Matt Cooke
16. 2010-11 Score Bobby Butler AUTO
17. 1975-76 Topps Gary Smith 
18. 1984-95 OPC Murray Bannerman
19. 2002 ITG "Signature Series" Daniel Sedin
20. 2010-11 BTP "Golden Goalies - Black" Martin Brodeur /80
21. 1991-92 Pavel Bure RC
22. 1992-93 "Rookie Report" Dominik Hasek
23. 1993-94 Pinnacle Markus Naslund RC
24. 1993-94 UD Chris Pronger
25. 1991-92 UD Lafleur's Farewell
26. Gilbert Perreault AUTO
27. 2007-08 "Ultra Uniformity" Daniel Sedin
28. 2010-11 Score "SSP Hot Rookies" Tyler Seguin
29. 2010-11 BTP "GU Jersey - Silver" Jordan Binnington /30
30. 1992-93 UD Scott Niedermayer RC (x2)
31. 1998-99 Black Diamond Mattius Ohlund RC /1000
32. 2005-06 UD Todd Bertuzzi 
33. 1992-93 UD Patrick Roy
34. 1992-93 UD Mario Lemieux "Conn Smythe"
35. 1991-92 UD Ed Belfour "ART"
36. 1994-95 Pinnacle "World Juniors" Dan Cloutier
37. 1996-97 Metal Universe Alex Mogilny
38. 2009-10 Ultimate Collection Henrik Zetterberg /499
39. 2010-11 Score "Snow Globe" Alex Ovechkin
40. 2010-11 Score "Hot Rookies" P.K Subban
41. 2010-11 Score "Hot Rookies" Nazem Kadri 
42. 1992-93 UD "Bloodlines" Trevor & Jamie Linden
43. 1992-93 UD "Profiles" Doug Gilmoure
44. 1991-92 UD John Tanner
45. 2003-04 Pacific McDonalds "Saturday NIght Rivals" Lalime / Belfour
46. 2002-03 Pacific McDonalds "Net-Fusions" Dominik Hasek
47. 2003-04 Canucks Fin Postcard (SIGNED)
48. 1992-93 "Profiles" Darius Kasperaitis
49. 1992-93 "Profiles" Alexei Kovalev
50. 1993-94 UD Kirk Muller
51. 2006-07 BAP RC AUTO Patrick O'Sullivan /10
52. 1990-91 Score Jan Erixon
53. 2007-08 UD McDonalds "In the Crease" Ryan Miller
54. 1994-95 Pinnacle Sylvain Turgeon (ft. Patrick Kane)
55. 2002-03 Pacific McDonalds "Net-Fusions" Evgeni Nabokov
56. 1994-95 Pinnacle Doug Lidster
57. 1990-91 Score / 1995-96 Topps - Oilers / Devils Stanley Cup
58. 1992-93 UD Jim Hrivnak
59. 1990-91 Topps Grant Fuhr
60. 1990-91 Bowman Daren Puppa

There you have it folks! After a very long time my top 60 cards have been completed. What was your favourite card in the entire 60 card series?



  1. Great post. Great series.

    Love that Garrett. Thanks for the compliment.

    That one and the Bannerman are my faves (those ol' fibreglass masks are tops).

    Keep it up.

  2. Great top 10, what a finish! Glad to see the Luongo jersey I sent made the list, thanks for the kind words! I remember drooling over that Emile Francis card a while back, and it certainly looks no less amazing now. That Lidstrom card has always been a favorite of mine as well. Awesome string of posts!