Saturday, December 4, 2010

Crazy Cards

A few years ago the hockey world lost a promising young defense-man in Luc Bourdon. Unfortunately, Luc passed away in a motorcycle accident, and only got a few starts in the big league for the Vancouver Canucks. Before his passing away, I was really starting to get into the young mans career, and I had my eye on one card specifically. After the accident, the card shot up to $50+ a card and the cards were off the market quickly. Instead of trying to pick one up, I decided to see when that card would come across my path again. Then, I found it! Only this past summer I went to New York, and I found kind of a hole in the wall flea market and casually decided to see what they had in the hockey card department. After I quickly glanced through all 5 or 6 stands I was sadly disappointed when most of the owners turned me down and said "Kid, I only sell Mets cards, or Jets cards etc". But then there was one last stand, he casually told me that he had been "blowing out" his hockey cards for 10 cents a piece for 5 years! So he pulled me up a chair and started chipping away at the extensive collection. Only problems was, it was toward the end of the trip and I had spent most of my money my parents gave me and was down to my last $5. Which meant I had 50 cards max to buy. Finally to my surprise, I found it! The Luc Bourdon card had crossed my path after 3 years!

2006-07 BAP HOCKEY /999

Not only did I find 1, but I found 2, and there numbered at /999!! I was amazed, but I almost felt bad for the guy selling it to me because he could still sell these cards for 10 bucks a piece (maybe). So I said "Sir, I'm gonna be honest with you, where I'm from these cards would be going for $20 a card." He said "I rather these cards go to a person who is really gonna appreciate the cards." Those kind words really explain the relationship fellow collectors should have for each other. I came out there 42 cards richer and with a huge smile on my face.

Michaels Rating: 9 (mostly because of the story behind it)
R.I.P Luc Bourdon


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