Monday, December 6, 2010

Old Timers Treasures

Well it's a new week, and time to look at 2 more old timer hockey card signatures. This week, I'm featuring 2 cards because one of them is a little less exciting then the other. You'll know what I mean after the first card. Let's get to it...

CAREER 1971-1994

Well here's a look at an old-time referee, it's a little odd, but interesting. My only question is why is he holding a mic? Well, I don't know much about this referee, but if your interested in him I found a link from a Q and A he did...! Now on to the better stuff! (No offence Hoggarth.)

Michael's Rating: 7

GP - 1349, P - 959

Before Muller was assistant coach of the Canadiens, he was/is a well known hockey player. He had 2 career high 94 point seasons and played for 19 seasons. I like the signature on the card with the number 11, and you can't beat that smile :D. A nice card to have in the collection!

Michael's Rating: 8


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  1. Hoggarth! He was my favourite referee growing up... he always had fun at the game. Sweet auto.

    Keep me in mind if you ever want to unload it.

    And Muller was an awesome player. He'll be a great head coach in the NHL soon....