Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Crazy Cards

It's nice to start catching up on the blog and why not start with some Canucks cards. My purchase landed me some fairly good cards among the many 10 cent base card garbage. Whatever downtime I had on my vacation I spent organizing away all 1200 cards to match the order of my cards back home (Year, Set, Number). Let's take a look at the very first card I pulled from the box and try to guess why it creeped me out.

1997-98 UD Collector's Choice
Wow! Didn't Upper Deck think that that creepy looking guy on the boards staring directly at you might b a little scary? I guess not, I mean it's not "must have" photo of Linden they could have picked another picture of him turning with the puck. Well at least I got the ugly card out of the way and we can get to the good stuff. 

1997-98 Pinnacle Omega Silks
The name pretty much says it all. Pretty neat thing to have because I've never seen it before. They were inserted into packs at a rate of 1:72, so it's not a bad pull.

Michael's Rating: 7

1998-99 SpX Finite
It's really unfortunate these cards didn't come out well, because I really like these cards! The scan does not do them justice. Here are each cards stats...
TL: Pavel Bure - Marquee Performer /2625
TR: Mattius Ohlund RC - Sure Shot /3900
ML: Pavel Bure - Global Impact /6950
MR: Garth Snow - /9500
BL: Todd Beruzzi (x3) - /9500
BR: Markus Naslund - /9500
They are numbered pretty high, but I love the idea of the rink or whatever it may be popping out of the card. I really like this set and might pursue trying to complete it.

Michael Rating: First Three - 8.5
                        Last Three - 8

1998-99 Black Diamond /1000
I found my purchase contained a lot of Ohlund rookies, but this one has to be my favorite. I'm not a fan of the Black Diamond set from that year, but the gold all over the card makes up for it.

Michael's Rating: 8

1999-00 Dynagon Ice Blue /67
As you can see in the top left hand corner the card is numbered to /67, and any card numbered under /100 is alright in my books. I like everything about the front of the card, not the back. Nonetheless, it's a nice Nazzy pick up.

Michael's Rating: 8.5

Stay tuned for another blog this afternoon!


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