Saturday, March 17, 2012

WHAT DOES 25 BUCKS GETCHA? (Card 3 - Part 4) My New PC

This final card from my third 25 dollar pre-paid credit card comes with a new announcement. Yup, the title says it all, a new part of my collection is being officially created. I'm sure the anticipation is killing you...

I've decided to start a player collection of former Canucks goaltender and childhood favourite - Dan Cloutier. There are a few reasons why I decided to make Dan Cloutier my new player collection along with Cody Hodgson.

First, like I mentioned before he was the first guy to be a stand out favourite player as a kid. So that in itself is a reason to be dedicated to collecting his cards.

Second, I don't know of many other Cloutier collectors out there so competition for his cards can't be that stiff.

That leads me to my third reason, because of the lack of need, the price on his cards are lower than a lot of other players. That's great considering my hockey card budget.

Also he is retired which means he doesn't have many (if any) cards coming up on recent sets. That gives me time and focus to collect what he already has out there and not looking too far ahead in the future.

Last but not least I already have a good "core" when it comes to collecting Cloutiers. The 30+ cards (1 GU and 2 AUTO's) are a healthy start to the cause.

Oh ya, there is a card to show in this post. Take a look ladies and gents a nice addition to my Goalie Project as well as my brand new Dan Cloutier PC:

This card is made by ITG and is part of the BAP set (when they had the rights to the set). Nothing to special about the card design or texture but there are other reasons why I bought this card. 

The signature kinda has a TTM "sign wherever you like" kinda feel to it. There aren't many of those out there these days. There's usually always either a spot to sign or a sticker AUTO. And what an autograph this is! I forgot to mention before but I love Dan Cloutiers signature. I think it's unique and always looks well done. I think that's also very important when picking a player to collect full time. 

You'll also notice that Cloutier is in his Lightning gear so this card was produced before he made his way into the Canucks organization. 

Very happy about this card and very excited about where this Dan Cloutier collection will go! 

I'm still in the process of deciding what look I like for my Hodgson PC website and once I get that fixed and under control, I'll be making an identical site for my Cloutier PC.

One decision I have to make is; do I pull out my Cloutier cards out of my Goalie Project binder and into a binder all by itself? I think so, but what have you done in these situations?

Do you think this new PC is a good decision? What tips do you have when it comes to collecting TWO different players?

2011-12 Black Diamond Richard Brodeur "Dual Jersey" - $0.99 (+ 2.50 shipping)
2011-12 Certified Yann Sauve "Freshman Signatures" - $1.24 (+ 2.48 shipping)
2010-11 Ultimate Hockey Sedins "Ultimate Duos" /50 - $0.99 (+3.49 shipping)
2011-12 OPC Retro Cody Hodgson RC - $4.99 (+3.05 shipping)
1999-00 BAP Millennium "Signatures" Dan Cloutier - $2.50 (+2.50 shipping)
+ $0.27




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