Sunday, October 7, 2012

2012-13 Collecting Goals

With the first few products of the new season out on shelves and the last of the past season released, it's time to look at my goals for the up coming season. I pride myself on organization and clear cut goals in my collection, so this is very important for my personal collection. First lets look at my collection growth compared to October 9th, 2011.

CANUCKS CARDS: 2, 745 (+ 255 Cards)
VALUE: $1, 278.50
NOT YET VALUED: 105 (+ 59 Cards)

AUTOGRAPHS: 52 (24 Canucks) (+ 16 (11 Canucks))
GAME USED MEM. CARDS: 40 (24 Canucks) (+ 30 (19 Canucks)
GU/AUTO: 4 (1 Canuck) (+ 4 (1 Canuck)

TOTAL CARDS: 11, 359 (+ 1, 300 Cards)
VALUE: $3, 877.91 (+ $429.25)
NOT YET VALUED: 2, 121 (+ 1, 017 Cards)

So I'm in the green in all categories which is a big plus. The biggest growths being an almost 8% increase in my overall total card collection, as well as a 300% increase in my total GU card collection. So in the statistical department of my overall collection I have succeeded, but the key area is the four collecting goals I set for myself last year. How did I do?

#1: INCOMPLETE - Finish the Goalie Project
Although I have made great progress within the past year and am close to finishing this project there are still a few cards left on the want list. Thirty cards left to be exact, some will be tough to track but I'm up to the challenge.

Murray Bannerman (RC)
Richard Brodeur (RC - Non-Canucks Card)
Gary Bromley (ALL THREE)
Sean Burke (RC)
Jacques Caron (Non-Canucks Card)
John Garrett (RC)
Glen Hanlon (RC - Canucks Card)
Jason LaBarbera (Canucks Card)
Drew MacIntyre (RC - Non-Canucks Card)
Cesare Maniago (RC - Non-Canucks Card)
Andrew Raycroft (RC - Canucks Card)
Curt Ridley (Non-Canucks Card)
Dany Sabourin (Non-Canucks Card)
Cory Schneider (RC)
Corey Schwab (Canucks Card)
Gary Smith (RC - Non-Canucks Card)
Steve Weeks (RC - Non-Canucks Card)
Dunc Wilson (RC - Non-Canucks Card)
Wendell Young (RC)

#2: KINDA COMPLETE - Bulk Cody Hodgson PC to 25
Since the Cody Hodgson PC died pretty quickly, I'm not really taking into account this goal I set a year ago. Instead, I'm twisting it a little bit. Substitute name "Cody Hodgson" for "Dan Cloutier" and I passed this with flying colours. My Dan Cloutier PC is at over 100 cards and growing! Probably my favourite project at the moment.

#3: COMPLETE - Build GU collection to 17 cards
I absolutely destroyed this goal. As many may know, I'm a huge fan of GU Mem. cards. I think they are innovative, fun and different. A signature may never change of one single player but his GU patch, jersey, stick, glove, pad etc. WILL change from card to card. That's what makes it so exciting! With 40 GU cards at the moment, I more than doubled my goal!

#4: COMPLETE - Make more trades
I went really gung-hoe with this goal at the beginning of the last collecting season and it kind of teetered near the end. I made about 6 or 7 trades this year and enjoyed every exchange.

I can't say I'm disappointed with my accomplishments this last season but their is always room to improve. Therefore, I have a new list of goals coming up for the upcoming season whether there is an NHL season or not. 


1. a) Complete Goalie Project
    b) Start new Goalie Project addition (will be revealed after Part A is complete)
2. Set up"Group Break" or create a fun new way for the blogging community to interact and win cards!
3. Gain 50 more Dan Cloutier cards (currently at 110 [estimation]) 

Hopefully I can soar through these new goals with no problem! Here's to another year of collecting and sharing the hobby we all love with fellow collectors!



  1. Is there such a thing as a Curt Ridley non-Canucks card?

  2. A bit off topic, but did you ever get that Kirk McLean 1988-89 Panini Sticker I sent you a while back? It pre-dates his true RC by a year, and seemed like something you'd enjoy having.