Tuesday, October 23, 2012

HOCKEY CUBE BREAK - Last Three Packs

This is a long overdue post of the last three packs from my hockey cube I bought back in the summer. Now that I'm home for the day and it's raining cats and dogs outside I decided to take some time to write. It's much nicer writing when you can be warm inside all cozy, I can't wait for winter and hopefully some snow!

But I digress, first up is a pack of MVP from the 2006-07 season (I think it's that season).

This is a really nice looking low end set; modern, sleek and eye-catching. I know MVP's big idea is the facsimile AUTO's but for me, they just don't work. I think the set would look a lot better as a whole without the fake signatures.

I guess you could say the "HIT" of the pack is the Tim Comboy RC. You'd be right, and I might be excited if it wasn't for the fact that I don't know who the hell Tim Comboy is. 


Okay so it gets better... A mid end product from 2006-07 with a chance of "AUTOGRAPHED ROOKIE PATCH CARDS (numbered to 599 or less)!" Golly-gee this has to get me something good right?

Well not exactly... The base cards aren't bad looking and I didn't get bad names by any means but, no patch card. Wasn't like I was expecting it anyways, but one can dream right?

I did get this nice little RC though...

Now that's a name I know! Seeing Grabovski in Canadiens gear is odd but I have yet to acquire a RC from the man so this is a welcomed addition. That space below the picture where the team logo is must be where the signature goes for the signed copies. In this regular RC though, it seems like a waste of space.

Last up is the 1997-98 Pinnacle BAP set. This pack of card boasts an AUTO a pack which would guarantee my second of two AUTO's promised in the hockey cube. The first of which was a nice little signature of Matt Calvert from 2011-12 Score "Rookies and Traded".

Obviously my AUTO from the pack was the above scanned Craig Johnson. I don't know a whole heck of a lot about Craig, so I wasn't all that excited in pulling him. But hey, it's an autograph I didn't have before so it's always a positive.

For the twenty bucks I spent on this hockey cube it provided a nice quick little hockey card fix and I picked up a couple nice AUTO's in the process. Well worth it in my books!


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  1. Craig Johnson was one of the players St. Louis shipped off to L.A. in the Wayne Gretzky trade, if you care about that kind of thing.