Friday, October 12, 2012

OOPSIES! - Joe Thornton with 6.1 points per game?

Hockey cards, just like every other collectable card, have had their share of errors over the years. From wrong pictures, teams and names, a seasoned collector has seen it all.

I've decided to start a regular segment here at C4K called "OOPSIES!" where I discuss the numerous outrageous errors on hockey cards. Tonight we start guessed it: Big Joe. Yup you heard it here first, Joe Thornton apparently once had an incredible 6.1 points pre game average over 144 games according to Upper Deck.

Looks all good from the front. The baby faced Joe Thornton still in his B's gear looks comfortable gliding across this piece of cardboard. But what really shows the incredible "skill" of Joe is on the back!

Lets do some math, shall we? 880 points in 144 GP is 6.111111 points per game. Incredible right? Not so much. Thornton came about 832 points short of that total on the bottom. Looks like Williams of UD was having his second grade son do the math for statistics on this one. 

First of all 55 + 81 DOES NOT equal 144, 3 + 16 DOES NOT equal 25, 4 + 25 DOES NOT equal 43; get the idea? But probably the most exaggerated mistake was the 880 freaking points they gave him in two seasons! What? How does that even happen??!!

But probably even more humorous is the PPG (Power Play Goals) stat. Joe Thornton put up a whopping -17 goals. Don't know how that happens in the game of hockey, but apparently this is a real thing. 

Most likely this entire thing is a giant computer error, but funny nonetheless. Can't wait to dig up some more cards in the collection with some great errors! Any big errors stick out in your mind?



  1. How much of an asset on the power play are you if you manage to score -17 goals? :)

  2. Nice these are always humorous, looking forward to more of them.