Tuesday, October 2, 2012

VERSUS - Score Vs. OPC/SpX/Donruss (Part 2)

In the conclusion of the very first "Versus" post at C4K. We will be considering the other end of the 35 dollar purchase. Here's how we came up with that total in terms of loose packs:

5 OPC Packs - $15
1 Pack of SpX - $9
1 Pack of Donruss - $8

TOTAL - $32 + tax

Let's see if any of these packs could beat the 7.5/10 score of "Score Hockey".


The base set from OPC is impressive with the most obvious difference being that UD shrunk the gigantic OPC logo on the front of the cards.

What I really do like about the OPC product is the all cardboard brown backs. I know OPC had always had colour in their backs but for some reason this raw cardboard feel is really quite nice. But, look at all that wasted space on the lower third of the Fedotenko card! Score - 1; OPC - 0. Nonetheless, an attractive build.

Speaking of attractive, these cards are beautiful. Simple, vintage and very collectable! The backs are really impressive IMO. I like the big honkin' retro OPC logo along with that cursive font for the players name. I pulled 5 of these bad boys.

The rainbow parallels are seeded one every four packs. I bought five packs which gave me a better chance at pulling one and voilĂ ! I'm not the number one fan of rainbow parallels but whatcha gonna do?

I can't say I'm a supporter of either of the Rookie or Legend cards this year. The fronts look like a hodge podge of fonts and cheesy "Price is Right" designs. The back of the RC's on the other hand, look neat. I like those 3 logos in the middle stating year of draft, round and selection. Much more interesting than putting them tucked in the corner nowhere to be found.

Stickers! My question is, are they actually stickers? Theoretically, could I actually peel off the front of the card? I don't wanna damage the card so I didn't jam my nail in between the cardboard, but from what I can see, I think not. If UD made real stickers, with team logos, numbers etc. I think I could get behind it, but for now it's kinda a dud for me.

This card was definitely the card of the break. The idea is spot on, the design is intriguing and the overall feel of the card is awesome. Great idea! I have a feeling someone else my want this card more than I do though...


This pack contained 5 cards and set me back almost an entire 10 dollar bill...

Not what I had in mind. Five base, no parallels, no inserts, no GU hit and no AUTO. This was a bust any way you look at it. But what can I expect, I only tried one pack; the odds were always against me.


This is my last hope, with four cards per pack there has to be something good in it right?

Waaan, waaan, waaaaaaaan! Another bust, the only positive being a Daniel Sedin card.

So when it's all said and done, the only positive from this second break was the OPC cards. Donruss and SpX gave me the shaft pretty good.

So without further a due, here are the final scores...

OPC - 8/10
Score - 7.5/10
Donruss - 2/10
SpX - 3/10

OPC/Don./SpX - 4.5/10   <   Score 7.5/10

The winner is most definitely Score, but it was still a fun break. Can't wait to do it again!



  1. Love that Howard pop up card! I still have the Canucks stuff you wanted a while back, so shoot me an email if you want to work this into a possible trade.

  2. I originally thought that the Donruss cards didn't even have the player's name on the front before I finally noticed Ilya's name on one of them. Is it just the scan, or are they really that tough to read?

    1. It's just the scan of the cards...they are completely covered in foil...but they are easy to read in person...thanks for the question!

  3. I am very disappointed that the NHL has not resolved their issues and no hockey may be played this season.

    Those retro cards of Giacomin and Esposito are nice. I like the colors of the O-Pee-Chee. They remind me of days gone by.