Wednesday, October 31, 2012

OOPSIES! Contest #1 - Benoit Hogue

About three weeks ago I posted the first edition of "OOPSIES" in which I showcased a Joe Thornton card with a very obvious error on the back. I was rummaging through boxes of base cards trying to find errors when the question came to me: Why tell the answer right away?

As a reader of Collecting For Kicks, what anticipation or excitement is there when I give you the answer to the error right away? Therefore, I'm making a dramatic change to this segment. Instead of just showcasing a card, asking can you find the error and just answering that sentences later; I'm gonna actually see if you can FIND THE ERROR.

This is how it will work. First, I will show a card with an error either on the back or front of the card. After you examine and identify the mistake, post a comment telling me what the error is. If you get it right, you get 2 points! I'll do ten contest post of "OOPSIES" and the reader with the most points will get a prize that is TBD!

Fun right? But there is more! Here are ALL THE WAYS YOU CAN GET POINTS:

1) Find error and comment correctly (2 points)
2) Be the first person to find the error and comment correctly (3 points)
3) Find the error partially, but not in it's entirety (1 point)
4) READ, but can't find the error although looking. Comments saying "I dunno" or something along those lines (0.5 points)

So, even if you can't find the error, you can still have a chance to win great cards! So come and read! Since we don't want others simply copying answers from previous comments, I've switched my comments to always be moderated. So NO COMMENTS WILL BE VISIBLE UNTIL AFTER THE CONTEST CLOSES.

This is gonna be the test run, so PLEASE PARTICIPATE (even if you don't know the answer).

Without further introduction...

1991-92 UD Benoit Hogue (#159)

This card is actually one of my favourites from the set because of the picture on the front, but there is an error! 

Can you find the mistake?

One last thing, no cheating! We are working on the honour system so please don't Google it or look in your Beckett, but use your hockey card knowledge and try!

Have fun and good luck!



  1. Not sure, but the guy on the back of the card looks like Rob Ray!

  2. hmm... other than he was traded to the Islanders as this card came out.... although it's hard to tell sideways, I'm going to say that the pic on the back is not him.

  3. I am going to guess the picture on the back is wrong. The face looks wrong and although the number is crumpled, the second number doesn't look like a 3.

  4. He's one the card as acenter, but he actually played left wing.

    In the interest of fairness, I did Google it before I fully read the post asking us not to, so if you want to disqualify my answer, that's fine by me.

  5. Great idea Michael....the only thing I can come up with is maybe he was with the islanders when this was released? Just a guess, I really don't know.

  6. I never knew the UD card had an error, always thought it was Pro Set.

    Then again, the guy pictured on the back doesn't seem to have his face... looks more like Grant Ledyard, or God Donnelly.

  7. I want to say by remembering that he played Left Wing instead of Center. So the position is off. But the back looks all smooth and fine.

  8. 54 goals in QMJHL seems like a lot. I'd say that is the error.

  9. I believe that is actually Dean Kennedy in the picture on the back.

  10. not Hogue on the back--different helmet but don't know who it is

  11. It could just be me, but, that doesn't look like Benoit Hogue on the back of the card. I couldn't see anything else that jumped out at me as far as stats. So I'll go with the back picture on the card being wrong.

  12. The picture on the back is Dean Kennedy

  13. That's not Hogue in the photo on the back. Looks like it might be Dean Kennedy.

  14. Thanks for the entries folks! Contest #1 is officially closed...come back for real answer and point rankings!