Monday, January 3, 2011


Like I said yesterday, I was going to post a monumental Canucks object signed by one of their present players. The object...a Canucks towel that is waived be 18,000+ at every Canucks play-off game since Round 2 of the 1982 play-offs. If you don't know the entire it! As for how I got my favorite Canuck players signature, well that's an entire story in itself. First, let's take a look at it...

So as you can see at the bottom of the pic I got this during last years play-offs. Basically, my sisters friend has a connection in the organization. I don't want to say who he/she is, as I don't want to get into any trouble. But as the story goes, I asked simply for a towel, no signature or anything. But my sisters friend was kind enough to offer the signature of a player. I originally asked for Alex Burrows signature since I already had a few Lui sigs. Apparently the message got lost somewhere between conversations but I'm not complaining! I like this piece of memorabilia because it's a unique thing to get signed. It seems like it would be a tough thing to sign because of the material and he did kinda mess up on the last little line, but otherwise it's a pretty cool auto to have! Thanks to the people that made this signature happen, you know who you are!



  1. The font appearing on a towel and with canucks logo, does it have a name and can I get it from somewhere?

  2. I'm not quite sure what your asking, but if your asking for a just regular towel, than when play-offs roll around if you live in the greater Vancouver area I'm sure there are places that sell them. If not, eBay has everything :P