Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I had the lovely idea of introducing a new project I had on my hands, accompanied by exactly 5 scans. BUT, that is not going to happen today. WHY? Well because my computer seems to want to be an asshole, like it has been the past year or so now. I'm posting this because I really just want some help. I have an 8 year old computer that has Windows XP installed on it. I have a split hard drive, and even though one hard drive has tons of room on it, it decides to back-up the files on the hard drive that contains a 20MB space crunch right now. From what I understand, Windows continues to make temporary files with everything I do. Although I delete those files, it continues to give me the message "Critically Low Amount Of Space left on hard drive"!! Please, help me...what can I do to make this problem go away? I have tried deleting every single unused program I have to the bare minimum! I can't stand this idiotic thing anymore! I especially can't go on blogging without my scans! So my question really is do have to re-image my computer? Sorry for going way off topic on the blog here, but this really put me in a bad mood! I guess its on to convince my parents to buy a Mac...help would be nice...

Aww hell...GO NUCKS GO!

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