Saturday, January 29, 2011

Old Timers Treasures - Glenn Anderson

Another nice signature from a great hockey player. A 6 time Stanley Cup champion, born in my home city right here in Vancouver, BC; Glenn Anderson! After his stint in the DEL, he almost came back home to Vancouver to become a Canuck. Unfortunately, the Oilers picked him up on waivers and claimed the man who had won 5 Stanley Cups with them in the 80's. He was kinda washed up anyways. Overall, a fantastic player with some great stats. Now let's take a look at the signature:

GP - 1129 / P - 1099

Wow, to think this guy signed a card for me! That's incredible! I don't remember seeing him play as I was too young. But, I always do my research on great players like this. Thanks Glenn!

Michael's Rating: 8.5

Enjoy the Superskills competition today!


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