Sunday, April 3, 2011

DOUBLE TIN BREAK - Ovation Hockey

I finally have about an hour or so before I have to continue what is an extremely busy spring break. My school district is one of the very few that has a two week spring break (woot!) The only bad thing about the break was the minor scare we had for an earthquake in the greater Vancouver area. Local roomers were swirling about there being a high chance of an earthquake before March 26th. It was a little nerve wracking even though it didn't happen, although, all of Vancouver should heed the warnings signs of this scare and prepare for the "big" one that is suppose to happen eventually. It's only a matter of time I guess.

On a lighter note, I've been away from my home the past week with aunts, uncles, and cousins. I've done everything from play Laser Tag to going to the Aquarium. Although that is all very exciting, it was hard to be away from my hobby for so long. That's why I picked up two tins of UD Ovation yesterday. I knew virtually nothing about this product but it was 60% off so...why not?

Heres's how the 2007-08 product looked like:

I quickly realized that these cards were extremely McDonalds-esque. It even has the whole players photo pop out thing going on. Fairly simple and effective. 

This was my only Canuck in both tins (that kinda sucks). 

I'm always a fan of the jumbo cards! We got good old Burnaby Joe!

As for the 2009-10 release, it looks a bit nicer IMO.

I apologize for the poor scan quality but if you saw these in person I think most would enjoy the Ovation from 2009-10 over the 2007-08 product. 

Not a bad insert, and according to Beckett it's worth $5.00. I'll take it...I guess.

BASE: 100 (1 Canuck)
INSERTS: 2 (1 Jumbo)
TOTAL: 102

All in all, an extremely average product from an extremely average couple of tins. Only upside I can think of is that I got two tins for $20 instead of $50 as they were originally priced.

A couple quick notes:

1. Tomorrow I will receive a small stack of hockey cards for my Goalie Project that was kindly given to me by a fellow blogger. That will inspire a Goalie Project post for tomorrow. 

2. Congrats to my Canucks for clinching their first Presidents trophy! Hopefully we can finish the season strong and continue our run into the play-offs.


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