Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Who would have thunk it? The Vancouver Canucks have now won all 3 games of the series and are one away from sweeping the defending Stanley Cup champs. The Canucks have outscored the Hawks 9-5 and Luongo has a GAA of 1.67. I believe Crawford is too weak of a goaltender to give the Hawks that extra push they need. I really thought Scott would make a difference in game 3, but instead he was stuck in the box watching the Canucks score at his expense. Hopefully the Canucks can pull through tonight and get there third play-off sweep of all time!

On another note, my 100th post is only 27 away! That's very exciting for me, and hopefully for my readers too. To say thank you for all the support my followers and others have been giving me, I'm doing a contest! I've thought about this contest for a long time and I've finally narrowed it down to what I think is a very unique contest. It includes designing your own goalie mask! I haven't seen anybody do this around the hockey card community and I think everybody would have tons of fun with it! I'll throw out all the details when my 100th post rolls around, but for now consider this a teaser. 

I wanna know what you think. Is the contest too time consuming? How long would I give you to create your mask design? Should I incorporate old style mask templates also? How should I judge the masks? Would you participate in this contest?

My goal is to have at least my 16 followers get in on this and hopefully with your support even more! Like I said, drop me a comment and tell me some ideas to make this contest as best for you as I can!



  1. I love the contest idea but be prepared for limited entries.

    I know I'll certainly try my best to enter.

  2. I'll do my best to get an entry in too!