Thursday, April 21, 2011


I had blueline seats to see the Canucks waste away their second chance to send the Hawks to the golf course. Honestly, I'm shocked, disappointed, embarassed, and ashamed from what my Canucks decided to do tonight. Were we uninspired? Were we tired? Were we psychologically defeated? I dunno at this point. I thought a 7-2 ass whipping Tuesday night might be enough to inspire a hefty game 5, but I guess not!

Only thing I can say is that I hope my original prediction of Canucks in 6 pulls through. Maybe I got too excited for a sweep, maybe we all did. Luongo needs to come out on fire game 6, something that Luongo has not been able to do games 3,4,5.

There are only 2 good things I got from this game. First, Hodgson played his best game in NHL. Second, I got two more towels for my Canucks towel collection. I love Vince Vaughn, but I want to see him cry on Sunday.


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