Monday, April 4, 2011

THE GOALIE PROJECT - Luongo/Schneider/Auld (Updates)

Like I mentioned yesterday I had yet another very kind gift from one of my favorite blogs to read. He has followed me for quite awhile and I'm happy he could help me with some key players. I was able to build my ever growing Goalie Project and Vancouver Canucks team collection.

I'm going to touch on the players I've already posted in my GP. Let's start by our current #1 goalie...he needs no introduction...

Great photography in both pictures (especially this years Series 2). Very happy to add these new cards into my Luongo folder.

I also received an Auld card and a couple of Schneids. These cards grow my Canucks collection ever stronger.

Perhaps the thing that excites me the most about the package was the variety of McLean cards I received! I have a boatload of Captain Kirk's cards and I can't wait to show them off in the very near future. It's starting to make me think of starting an official player collection of McLean along with Richard Brodeur.

Thanks Tim!



  1. No problem. As I find more, they are yours.

  2. I appreciate it, hopefully I can help with your players collection too...

  3. hello
    I do have some of the players on your list,Potvin,weekes,mClean, what kind of cards do you want..not rookie cards?

  4. I have Troy Gamble Parkhurst 1992 #402
    Dan Cloutier Fleer Ultra 2005 #188
    Weekes Upper Deck 1999-00 # 128 1991 #107
    Kirk McLean Leaf 1993 Wanted Warriors
    Filix Potvin 2001 McDonald Prism Blue #35
    Mika Noronen 2005-06 #482