Sunday, April 24, 2011

THE GOALIE PROJECT - Peter Skudra + Jason LaBarbera (Part 1)

A couple more of these small impact Canucks goalies to go through before we get to guys like McLean and Brodeur. For now, we got goalie Peter Skudra to start with and for once I don't have to do a whole hell of a lot of searching to complete all three requirements.

Here are the two Skudra cards in Canucks gear. The bottom card is a BTP card which I will talk about a little later.

Next is a Skudra card in another teams jersey, in this particular instance he is in his Bruins jersey. Looks like he sported the all white pads back then too.

Finally we have the cream of the crop...the cherished Rookie Card. Yet again Skudra has his white pads on, not my favorite but to each his own.

So that was easy. A simple, clean 3 of 3 to get off my chest.

All three cards fall under the second requirement of a goalie in another NHL teams jersey other than the Canucks. It might be hard to find a LaBarbera card in a Nucks jersey.

Here is Barbies rookie card in NY. I THOUGHT he also had one of my favorite NY Rangers masks of all time too. But it wasn't him it was Valiquette who sported the good old Spidey mask.

That might make a good "Rate My Mask" card (nudge nudge). 

So LaBarbera has yet to be completed, he still needs a card in a Nucks jersey. Here's where I stand after this post.

In other news, I just purchased a box of 2010-11 BTP online so that should get me busy next week or two. It's unfortunate that my LCS doesn't carry that product as it is easily my most anticipated this year. This will also be the highest end box I will break this season (and that's saying something about my Hockey Card budget). 

Secondly, after only two responses to my contest teaser I'm still up in the air about it. If I hear more from you guys I'll give it a shot. I want at least 8 entries to make this a little interesting. 

Lastly, Canucks play game 6 against Chicago tonight. Hey, maybe we will only lose by 4 tonight. One can only hope! Just kidding, most know that I'm a die hard Canucks fan and through thick or thin I'm always with the boys so...


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  1. Hey Mike!

    Glad you found my way on to my blog. As a fellow Canucks fan, I'd definitely like to try and help you out on your Goalie Project. I've just taken a look through my Canucks cards, and I have Troy Gamble for you to help you with your project. Are you only looking for cards with a Canucks jersey? or are you looking for these players (in any jersey)?

    Let me know!